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Dr. Mack and Family Dentistry of Bellevue are committed to continuing and dental health education—there are always new things to learn. We share two articles each month in our blog related to dentistry and oral health, with topics ranging from actual dental procedures to technology to nutrition to the latest DIY dental trends. Feel free to read, share, and join the conversation.

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Posted January 27, 2024 / Blog, Dental Health

Salivary Diagnostics: What Can Your Saliva Reveal?

If you’ve tuned in to any crime scene investigation shows, you’ve probably heard of salivary testing, but did you know it’s becoming increasingly common in dental offices? Salivary testing has a bright future in medicine because of how much it can tell us about your state of health—both oral and overall.  One of the reasons… (Read More)

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Posted December 27, 2023 / Blog, Dental Health
Dr. David Mack

Smile: It’s Good for You!

Your smile is more powerful than you may know. Scientists have studied many aspects of smiling, such as how it affects your brain, your health, and your overall experience of life. Even the situation you’re in and the people around you are influenced by your smile. The findings may surprise you. Or, if you’re someone… (Read More)

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Posted December 13, 2023 / Blog, Dental Health
Dr. David Mack

Finding Your Oasis: Food & Drinks for Dry Mouth

Xerostomia is the technical term for dry mouth, the condition that results from absent or reduced saliva flow. It is not a disease on its own, but it may be a side effect of medication or radiation treatments.  Xerostomia affects about 20% of the elderly population—not because of their age, but due to the increased… (Read More)

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Posted October 16, 2023 / Blog, Dental Health, Patient Care
Dr. David Mack

Why Wisdom Teeth Are Not So Wise

Most people have had some exposure to the concept of wisdom teeth. Perhaps you have had yours removed, are considering a removal, or Drs. Mack and Wachter have just shown you an X-ray with the dreaded third molars creeping into view. It’s common to hear patients ask how they are removed, but we rarely hear… (Read More)

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Posted September 13, 2023 / Blog, Dental Health, Patient Care
Dr. David Mack

Brace Yourself: It’s Time for a New Menu

According to the American Association of Orthodontics, over four million people in the United States are undergoing orthodontic treatment at any given time, and about 25% of those people are adults. These statistics include different types of orthodontic treatments, such as clear aligner systems that have become increasingly popular in recent years.  Clear aligners can be… (Read More)

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Posted August 27, 2023 / Blog, Dental Health, Patient Care
Dr. David Mack

Fluoride: Good or Bad?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the fluoridation of drinking water is ranked among the ten greatest public health achievements of 20th century America. However, a quick search of the internet tells us that fluoride can actually be toxic if ingested in large enough quantities.  So which is true? Do the health… (Read More)

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Posted July 13, 2023 / Blog, Dental Health, Patient Care
Dr. David Mack

Dentistry for Kids: What the Tooth Fairy Won’t Tell You

Babies and kids are constantly growing and changing, and their mouths are no exception! Throughout childhood, kids lose their baby teeth, gain adult teeth, and they begin to take ownership of their own oral health. From brushing to braces to practicing their smiles, oral health is important for every kid at every stage. Read on… (Read More)

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Posted April 27, 2023 / Blog, Dental Health, Patient Care
Dr. David Mack

Why Are My Baby’s Teeth Stained?

As brand-new humans, it seems logical that babies and children would have gleaming white teeth to go along with their bright eyes and soft skin. Baby teeth—also called primary teeth—generally do appear whiter than adult permanent teeth because they are more calcified. However,  it is not uncommon for a child’s teeth to appear less than… (Read More)

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Posted February 27, 2023 / Blog, Dental Health, Patient Care
Dr. David Mack

How Do I Answer My Child’s Dental Questions?

Kids aren’t afraid to ask questions about everything under the sun, and teeth are just one of the many mysteries they will ponder. At Family Dentistry of Bellevue, our pediatric patients come up with some of the most interesting questions we hear—and we hear questions all day!  Most of the time, kids’ questions about teeth… (Read More)

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Posted January 27, 2023 / Blog, Dental Health, Patient Care
Dr. David Mack

Sugar: Teeth’s Worst Nightmare

People in the United States eat more sugar than any other country in the world. (Fortunately, we also have some of the best dentists in the world.) You hear it all the time: “sugar rots your teeth.” But is it true? What exactly does sugar do to your teeth and why is it so bad?… (Read More)

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