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Need an implant? We’ve got you. What about a bone graft? You bet. Sleep apnea treatment? Yes, we can! You may be surprised what’s available to you right here at your friendly dental home. Ask Family Dentistry of Bellevue what we can do for you today!

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Oral Surgery


Whenever possible, Family Dentistry of Bellevue is going to do whatever it takes to keep your natural teeth in your mouth—as long as they’re healthy. But if a tooth has been broken, compromised by decay, or is detrimental to the movement of other teeth, the problem tooth may need extraction. Dr. Mack and Dr. Wachter can both perform standard tooth extraction, generally defined as the removal of teeth that can be visually seen in the mouth. If you require more complex surgical extraction for impacted teeth, we may refer you to a trusted outside specialist.

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Implant Placement

Family Dentistry of Bellevue provides complete implant procedures under one roof—both implant placement and the final restoration—so there is no need to see an outside specialist for permanent tooth replacement. Your titanium implant is surgically placed right here in our office before we send you home to heal and regenerate a new tooth root prior to implant crown restoration or installation of other replacement teeth that finish the process. For more details and information about dental implants available from Dr. Mack and Dr. Wachter, please visit our dental implants page.

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Bone Grafting

In order for a dental implant to be successful, bone density in the jaw needs to be healthy enough to support it long-term. Family Dentistry of Bellevue can perform a bone grafting procedure to supplement your jawbone if there has been bone loss from missing teeth over time to help maintain facial structure, alignment, and a healthy bite. Bone grafting has the capability to improve bone health enough to allow patients to receive dental implants that would not otherwise be candidates for the process. Dr. Mack or Dr. Wachter would be happy to discuss your options.

Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full mouth reconstruction is a detailed treatment plan to restore your smile that involves any combination of services we offer necessary to make that happen. We look at your dental situation, lifestyle, budget, and smile goals and come up with a plan to rebuild your smile from the ground up. Whether you have teeth that need considerable repair or no teeth at all, Family Dentistry of Bellevue is here to bring your health, your hope, your quality of life, and your smile back without judgment. We would love to help you find your smile solution!

*Dr. Mack and Dr. Wachter are general dentists performing oral surgery services.

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Sleep Apnea

Many people don’t realize sleep apnea treatment can be available at the dentist, but Family Dentistry of Bellevue can tell you more. The National Sleep Foundation estimates that about 18 million American adults and between 2% and 10% of U.S. children live with sleep apnea, a disorder that interrupts breathing and deprives the brain of oxygen during sleep. Left untreated, sleep apnea can lead to heart disease, high blood pressure, and other serious health problems. Most sleep apnea sufferers are treated with a CPAP machine, but many patients cannot tolerate CPAP therapy. Ask us about oral appliance therapy today!

Sleep Apnea Infographic

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Sedation Dentistry

About 60% of Americans have some degree of dental anxiety, with 5-10% of those actually considered to have true dental phobia. We offer two options to help people with varying anxiety levels to relax during their dental treatment.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide is the mildest form of dental sedation. Also known as “laughing gas” or “happy gas”, it is breathed through a mask to assist with relaxation during dental procedures. When your dental treatment is finished, our team allows you to breathe pure oxygen through the mask for a few minutes to clear your head. There is no need to have anyone drive you to the dentist when using nitrous oxide.

Oral Sedation

When choosing oral sedation, Dr. Mack or Dr. Wachter will give you a prescription that you will take about an hour before your appointment to alleviate your anxiety during your appointment. When choosing oral sedation, we will require you to have someone to drive you to and from your appointment. Your comfort and safety are our #1 priority!

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