Dental Implants

Replacing teeth? Implants win the popular vote.

Unlike prosthetic tooth replacement options that attach to teeth or rest on top of the gums, implants are surgically placed and eventually form a new tooth root for a permanent solution to tooth loss.

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Implant Placement

The dental implant process begins with surgical placement of an implant post into the jaw. Implant posts are constructed of titanium or other material with the capability to not only incorporate itself into a permanent part of the jaw but regenerate a new tooth root, keeping facial bones healthy and strong.

An implant post needs several weeks to heal

before implant restoration finishes the process with a beautiful tooth-colored crown.

Dental Implants Illustration

Implants are the #1 choice for tooth replacement

Implant Restoration

The final step of the implant process is a breeze! A color-matched, customized crown restoration is affixed to your healed implant post for a permanent tooth replacement solution. Family Dentistry of Bellevue is able to complete your entire implant process in-house from start to finish!

If you need a strong foundation built

before receiving an implant, Dr. Mack performs oral surgery.He also offers in-office oral sedation.


We’re your one-stop implants shop

Implant-Supported Dentures

Permanent replacement of full upper and lower arches of teeth has become an everyday reality with implant-supported dentures. They’re a favorite of patients and doctors for their longevity, aesthetics, comfort, and functionality. They are cared for just like natural teeth, and wearers are free to speak, laugh, smile and chew without worry.

Implant-supported dentures bring back the secure smile

you thought was gone forever. There’s always hope for your smile!

Implant Supported Dentures Illustration

Get your smile back—for good

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