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Children’s Dentistry in Bellevue, Nebraska

Even Little Smiles Can Find Something to Smile About at Family Dentistry of Bellevue

For young children, the dentist’s office can be a strange and frightening place, filled with scary sounds and unfamiliar faces. Understandably, this makes some parents hesitate when it comes to taking their son or daughter to their first dental appointment; a bad experience can cause them to fear the dentist for years to come, which is the last thing you want. Here at Family Dentistry of Bellevue, we understand the special, often finicky needs of little smiles – that’s why we’ve worked hard to make our children’s dentistry services as gentle and comfortable as possible. With the help of Bellevue dentists Dr. David Mack, Dr. Michelle Gaeth, and the rest of our team, your child will be sure to leave our office with a clean and happy smile!

The First Visit

When it comes to your little son or daughter, familiarity is key. We strongly recommend that you bring them into our Bellevue office with you when they’re still young for a brief visit – perhaps when you’re attending your own check-up. This way, they can grow accustomed to our office setting and our staff members slowly without the pressure of an immediate check-up.

Then, once they reach the day of their first appointment, we’ll first carefully inspect each of their teeth that have come in so far to ensure that they’re healthy and developing properly. A very careful cleaning will follow if they feel ready. Our friendly staff members will even be happy to show your son or daughter how to properly care for their smile with the help of brushing and flossing. While they may not be able to successfully follow an oral hygiene routine just yet, our gentle instructions should hopefully lay a solid foundation for their dental care that will last for years to come!

Dr. Mack, Dr. Gaeth, and Their Dedicated Staff Make Sure to Provide Gentle, Comfortable Care

Once your child’s adult teeth begin to emerge, our team at Family Dentistry of Bellevue can offer even more help when it comes to protecting their growing smile! Dental sealants, for instance, can provide an extra layer of protection to those hard-to-reach teeth, keeping them safe from pesky food debris and bacteria that can Gaether in the crevices.

Having to keep up with multiple dentists can be a huge hassle when you have a big family – instead, why not simplify things by making Family Dentistry of Bellevue your one-stop shop for dental care? Drs. David Mack and Michelle Gaeth are eager to provide you and your loved ones with excellent, experienced care, and a cozy office environment that you’ll look forward to visiting. Contact our Bellevue office today to schedule an appointment! We also welcome new patients from the areas of Omaha, La Vista, Council Bluffs, Glenwood, and beyond.