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Dental Implants in Bellevue, NE

Replace Missing Teeth Seamlessly with This Transformative Treatment from Family Dentistry of Bellevue

Losing one or more teeth can have severe consequences, both for your oral health and your self-esteem. Many patients find it difficult to interact with friends and coworkers for fear of embarrassment; others struggle with oral health problems that can arise if gaps are left untreated for too long, such as shifting teeth, an increased risk of gum disease, and even additional tooth loss. Of course, there are several restorative dentistry options available, such as dentures or bridges – but many patients feel unsatisfied with these appliances and find themselves wishing they could just have their old teeth back. While we can’t turn back the clock here at Family Dentistry at Bellevue, Drs. David Mack and Michelle Gaeth are thrilled to be able to offer the next big thing with dental implants. This state-of-the-art tooth replacement option can offer both stability and beauty to the lacking smiles of patients in Bellevue and beyond!

The Dental Implants Process

So what exactly sets dental implants apart from the other tooth replacement methods available at Family Dentistry at Bellevue? It’s simple. While dentures, partials, and bridges provide adequate substitutes for lost teeth, they don’t replace a very important piece: the root. This root stimulates the jawbone and keeps it full and healthy throughout the years. Without it, the bone begins to break down, resulting in a hunched appearance. Dental implants effectively prevent this issue by seamlessly replicating both the crown and root of the tooth, which provide both a strong base and a beautiful, new replacement that looks completely lifelike.

If you’re interested in receiving a dental implant, feel free to discuss your concerns with Bellevue dentist Dr. Mack. He can recommend a trusted specialist to carry out the surgical portion of the procedure. Then, once an appropriate amount of time has passed for your mouth to heal, you’ll return to Family Dentistry of Bellevue, where we’ll create a beautiful, customized restoration for you.

There are several additional benefits to having dental implants, which include:

  • Longevity – if cared for properly, dental implants can often last for a lifetime!
  • Conservation – the dental implant treatment is very conservative, meaning that you won’t have to sacrifice the health of your remaining natural teeth to support it.
  • They’re completely natural-looking and sturdy; after a while, you’ll probably forget they’re not even real!

Contact Family Dentistry of Bellevue today if you have any questions about dental implants, or if you’re ready to schedule an appointment. Dr. David Mack and Dr. Michelle Gaeth believe strongly in providing patients of all ages with warm, comprehensive dental care that puts their comfort and safety first. We can’t wait to give your family something to smile about! We serve the areas of Bellevue, Omaha, La Vista, Council Bluffs, Glenwood, and beyond.